Trinity college of London

Trinity College London (TCL) is an examination board based in LondonUnited Kingdom.

Trinity College London offers graded musical qualifications for musical theory and for performance in a range of string instrumentssingingpianoelectronic keyboardsbrasswoodwind instruments and percussions. The grading begins with the Initial Grade then are numbered from Grade 1 to Grade 8 in increasing difficulty. Candidates are rated under three categories – the performance of musical pieces, technical work such as scales, and supporting tests such as sight reading and improvisation. Candidates are graded on a scale from 1 to 100, with 60 being the pass mark. Candidates have some flexibility in the choices of pieces and tests prepared for each of these sections.

Paradime academy of music

Paradime Academy of Music has developed a creative, unique, customised, self learning syllabus. The syllabus is interactive and versatile making it the best for those who don’t opt for examination and certification. This syllabus helps you to play church music and free style music. Sheet music for songs will be provided in the academy. Introducing technologies in learning music breaks the conventional way of teaching music and it’s made simple. 

  • Sheet music
  • MIDI 
  • Tabs
  • Backing tracks for lead instrument
  • Jamming tracks
  • Chord sheets
  • Interactive curriculum
  • Workbook 
  • Worksheets 

        and many more