BJJ…This is His Story

Ask Benny John Joseph (BJJ) what he does, and the answer might surprise you. He won’t say he’s a songwriter, he won’t say he’s a singer even though he sings, produces and releases worship videos on multiple fronts. But if you ask him why God put him on this planet, he’ll tell you, “To sing and praise Him and lead a generation of young people to the heart of Jesus.” 

With a heart that yearns to see young people being restored to the Kingdom, his discography reflects his passion to create music that leads them into an honest and intimate relationship with the Lord. Benny is an anointed singer, songwriter and producer – and his ability to connect with young people has been well-documented with multiple testimonies of how his music has been a blessing to many. His deep desire to give God all the glory reflects in and through his worship ministry.

Based out of Chennai, he first introduced his contemporary Tamil worship back in 2018 as part of BJJ Worship Ministries.  On his latest project, Vazhi Seibavar, Benny has re-imagined songs with new arrangements, new instrumentation and extended worship moments.  The heart of these songs is to not only connect with the community but connect the community to having a closer communion with God.

Sneak Peak….How It All Started

Benny’s heart to serve God roots down to age (3 or 6) when he reminisces a conversation with Dr DGS Dhinakaran. On being asked what he wanted to become when he grew up, Benny’s prompt answer “to serve God” took Uncle by surprise. That was just a seed that today has grown to be a ministry that touches thousands of lives.

Praise Party…Album alert

Serving God is not easy in a fallen world and this journey that Benny was going to embark on was a road full of hurdles that came in many forms, rejection, sickness, loneliness, hopelessness and so on. There were days of existential crisis that bogged him down. Through it all Benny testifies that God gracefully carried him through every obstacle that came his way and one song that ministered to him in those moments was ‘Waymaker’.

Benny began raising hallelujahs in the middle of the storm through that song and that was how his first album Vazhi Seibavar (Waymaker) was born. This album is nothing short of a praise party and serves to be a reminder to every individual enduring difficulty to resort to praise parties over pity parties—because the God of promises never fails to come through. Vazhi Seibavar comprises eight songs with a connotation to empower and win this current generation for God and is a labour of love.

That being said, Vazhi Seibavar 2 is in progress currently. You read that right! Exciting days ahead. Stay tuned.